I admire friends and family, for their brave adaptation to extraordinary difficulties and life situations. I am also moved by the circumstances  of people within our community, often forgotten, shunned and invisible.

AFR Art will donate product, and  10% of sales to these non-profits. Here are their stories.

J zips:  A teenager uses his first-hand experience with brain cancer to create an important non-profit enterprise to provide tee shirts with zippers. Zippers at the shoulder,  provide easy access to ports, important for treatment infusions.


Iris House: With a history of support and care for women with HIV, this organization has evolved to a community of support women facing the challenges of homelessness, poverty, and healthcare inequities.


One SCD voice: Missioned to educate and empower sickle care communities, by facilitating access to, and support for sickle cell research. SCD voice is strident in reminding us of the devastating impact and abundant hope in those dealing with Sickle Cell disease.