Photo of a fireman

February 2020, New York City began to experience the impact of COVID19. The pandemic hobbled economies, devastated communities, and robbed families of loved ones. Health care workers, fire fighters, police, custodial and food delivery personnel, risked their lives to protect, care for, and, at times, eased the passing of fellow citizens impacted by the disease. The incongruences of social distancing, care and isolation transformed the city and its citizens into a new and improved "normal".

This art collection is inspired by our COVID heroes.



Protest from the Protest collection

Do I kneel? Do I cause a disruption? Can I breathe? Can I be heard? Does anyone care? Do I stay silent? Is it safe to march? Will my parents worry? Will I be arrested? Will anything change? What will I say about this moment in time? Did I go too far? Did I go far enough? Did I take a stand?

This art collection is inspired by Protest.



Photo of Orchid


A little boy was walking with his mother along a pathway in the park. The birds chirped, and the sun gleamed warmly through the bare branches of the trees.
"Mom look!" squealed the boy in delight as he pointed to a yellow flower peeking through the dry underbrush.

"The flowers have been hiding" he exclaimed pointing at a tiny yellow flower. "The daffodil is waking from its winter's sleep" said the mother, as a squirrel climbed the nearby tree and disappeared among the budding branches.

This art collection is inspired by Flora and Fauna.



Photo of fresh farm stand

The many other things AFR sees are beginnings or parts of stories yet to be told. Scenes on a New York street, love, music, dance, life underground.

This art collection has many More Stories